THINK works with clients to review governance and operations, assess culture and evaluate advocacy campaigns. We ensure that hard truths are heard but relationships are preserved and strengthened.

Governance review:  Governance is about how the leadership of an organisation drives performance and manages risk. We look at the structures and processes that boards use to fulfil these two key responsibilities within the special context of volunteer organisations.

Importantly, we are expert at using consultation to ensure that proposed governance changes are understood and supported.


Organisational review:  Reviews kick-start transformative change and can result in refreshed organisational cultures, new systems and alternative business models.

We examine roles, responsibilities and management structures, values and behaviours, communications, systems and culture. We preserve what is working while offering specific recommendations on how to refresh and revitalise underperforming functions.


Advocacy campaign evaluation:  Campaign evaluation studies help advocates and campaigners critically examine what went right and what didn’t so that mistakes aren’t repeated and learnings are incorporated in the next campaign plan.

Given our experience on the campaign trail in Australia and overseas, we are uniquely placed to offer this service.