Association Management Consulting

THINK can assist association leaders with a variety of needs:

Strategic Planning –

We boil strategy down to its essence.  We help you envision where you want to be and chart a path to get you there.  We leverage your strengths to seize opportunities and counter threats.

Our strategy development work is informed by research.  We use a variety of research methodologies to understand the strategic environment before we facilitate your strategic planning session.  We then design and facilitate strategic planning sessions that are informative, interactive and dynamic.

We provide a full end-to-end service and work with you before the session to prepare the ‘grist for the strategy mill’ and document the plan after the session to ensure that your plan is agreed upon and actionable.

We will co-design a planning process with you that is tailored to the size and complexity of your organisation.  Download our guide to strategic planning here.


Membership value propositions – In the not-for-profit world, it all begins with members.  However, it is becoming increasingly difficult to attract new members in an information-rich environment.

We conduct research with members and non-members alike to understand what they are looking for from their association or peak body and then help you develop a compelling value proposition to attract them.


Organisational reviews – An organisational review can provide in-depth analysis at a critical juncture.  Reviews kick-start transformative change and can result in refreshed organisational cultures, new systems and alternative business models.

We examine roles, responsibilities and management structures, values and behaviours, communications, systems and culture.  We preserve what is working while offering specific recommendations on how to refresh and revitalise underperforming functions.