Strategic Reviews & Planning

THINK can assist association leaders with a variety of needs:

Strategic Reviews

Only with an agreed, common view of the current situation, can boards move forward to craft a new shared vision for the future. An external perspective is essential to give an unbiased fresh perspective. THINK’s core values of ‘insight, integrity, and independence’ are the same values that are core to the task of providing a balanced, objective picture of your organisation.

Strategic Planning

A consultant might be an expert in strategic planning, but they are of little value if they don’t know your business. We take the time to gain a ‘near-peer familiarity’ with your issues so that we can facilitate substantive conversations that generate breakthrough strategies. Our clients tell us that our workshops are the winning ingredient in our strategy work. However, we are more than meeting facilitators; we are strategic planners. That means that we deliver a plan, not a pile of butcher’s paper at the end of each engagement.

Implementation Planning

It’s one thing to plan, it’s another to implement. That’s why we collaborate with our client CEOs on the implementation plans that will bring their strategies to life. We publish the implementation plan with the strategy document and seek approval for both at the same time to ensure directors are comfortable with the way their ideas will be realised and to lock-in political support in advance.

Download our guide to strategic planning and implementation here.


"We stood by in awe as we watched the process unfold. People were completely absorbed in the exercises. The spirit in the room lifted as the day went on. "


"I was dreading today. I thought it would be so boring, but it wasn’t. It’s difficult to know how to contribute as a director, but today I feel I made a solid contribution."


"I’ve been to a lot of these gabfests, but I have never experienced a workshop quite like this before. You kept us to task and drove to a result."