Governance Training & Consulting

THINK takes a systems approach to governance.  We believe that not-for-profit governance involves more than a board of directors:  it is a system of interconnected bodies which help an organisation enhance performance, manage risk and comply with the law.

Governance Training

Governance is dynamic and decision-making processes need to be regularly reviewed and updated to ensure that they are fit for purpose. As an organisation grows and its purpose evolves, new governance arrangements should be created, and redundant structures discarded, to ensure the continued relevance and effectiveness of the governance system.

Governance Reviews

While we are fortunate in Australia to have organisations like the Australian Charities and Not-for-Profit Commission, the Australian Institute of Company Directors and the Governance Institute of Australia that publish and promote best practice guidelines and principles for not-for-profit governance, they focus almost exclusively on the roles of boards and how they operate. Comparatively less attention has been paid to the overall design of governance systems.  THINK has devised five simple design specifications for not-for-profit organisations that we use when designing new governance arrangements. For more information, see our blog.

Governance Redesign

The most challenging aspect of governance renewal is managing the sometimes-painful process of change.  We undertake extensive stakeholder consultation to ensure that everyone who is likely to be impacted by a change is consulted on it in advance and through the process of migration from one governance system to the next.  Our unique business model allows us to remain involved in making governance change from start to finish to ensure that your new arrangements are accepted and embedded in your organisation.