Leadership Coaching

THINK also applies its strengths-based approach to working with individuals and teams.  We start from the position that everything someone needs for learning is already present and that our job is to draw out the lessons through dialogue.

Organisational coaching: 

The goal of coaching is to help the coach counterpart identify and eliminate habits and behaviours that might impede them from reaching their full potential.  We work with individuals to navigate new roles, leadership challenges and, sometimes, to plot a new career path.  However, the agenda is always set by the individual and we focus on the issues most important to them.

Team coaching – Organisations increasingly rely on teams to get work done whether they are standing management teams or purpose-built for special projects.  We can work with teams to design the processes for working effectively together and, at the same time, develop their collective capability for joint action.


Presentation coaching – Whether it is a team presentation or a television interview, we can work with executives to put their best message ‘out there’ in a compelling fashion.  While we might train our coach counterparts in some effective communication strategies and techniques, the real power comes from accompanied practice.