Leadership Coaching

THINK also applies its strengths-based approach to working with individuals and teams. We start from the position that everything someone needs for learning is already present and that our job is to draw out the lessons through dialogue.

Organisational coaching is an evidence-based practice that has proven to increase effectiveness of decision-making, sharpen strategic focus, develop, and encourage constructive leadership behaviours, and help navigate transitions.

Randall is accredited by the International Coaching Federation as an Associate Certified Coach. He also draws upon his training in adaptive leadership he received at Harvard’s Kennedy School.

Coaching Boards As Teams

Increasingly, boards are being asked to engage in reflective practice to understand and improve their effectiveness. While board evaluations are useful, coaching delivers an immediate boost to performance by addressing issues in the boardroom in real time rather than waiting for an evaluation after the fact. We are trained in the emerging science of team coaching. We use evidence-based techniques to increase awareness of individual directors and group awareness of the special dynamics at play in the board room.

Leadership Coaching For CEOs & Directors

Organisations increasingly rely on teams to get work done whether they are standing management teams or purpose-built for special projects.  We can work with teams to design the processes for working effectively together and, at the same time, develop their collective capability for joint action.

Presentation Coaching

Not-for-profit leaders need to represent their organisations in good times and in bad. However, every time they need to put there ‘best message’ out there in a compelling fashion. While you might already have had extensive media or other communication training, there is simply no substitute for intensive one-on-one coaching for that must-deliver presentation.

Testimonials from Randall’s coaching counterparts:

“Coaching with Randall over the last six months has had an immediate and tangible impact on my work. It [he] has helped me to break through day-to-day roadblocks, as well as make strategic decisions about the future. My employer has seen the value too – they’ve extended their support and I’ll be continuing to work with Randall into the future.”

Head, Marketing and Communications, Sydney

“Through coaching you have challenged and supported me to grow in myself and in my career. I thank you very much and am pleased others will benefit.”

Gender Equity and Diversity Advisor, Brisbane

“My coaching experience with Randall has been a powerful catalyst for change. Randall’s masterful coaching craft allowed me to tackle some critical personal development topics and unlock multiple facets of my professional growth. Randall’s ‘no bs’ style combined with a sophisticated coaching toolbox creates the perfect environment to address complex work issues and define life goals. I would definitely recommend Randall as a coach for anybody looking to give a boost to their career and I look forward to continuing to work with him in the future.”

Tech start-up executive, Sydney

“The coaching with Randall was fantastic, a really great experience. I’d never done coaching before, so I wasn’t really sure what to expect, but Randall really helped me dig into some of the challenges I’ve been having, particularly as my role has changed and my team has grown quite quickly in the last 9 months, and work out practical, actionable ways forward. He also provided some really great frameworks for thinking differently about leadership and how to structure my own thinking and planning for different audiences. I’m very grateful for the opportunity to work with him. He’s really helped me a lot.”

NFP professional, Canberra

“Randall’s coaching ability is brilliant at helping you see the perspectives from your colleagues and the alternatives to challenging dilemmas.  From the relatively basics of the reminder of importance of your life goal setting and methodologies, Randall is able to guide you into deeper understanding of the nuisances of your situation and challenge you to do things differently.  Randall will help you not only aim higher but take you out of your comfort level to be high achiever.”

Property Development Professional, Sydney