THINK works with clients to understand and manage stakeholder opinion. We use social research, community engagement and facilitation techniques to ensure your stakeholders’ views are considered in your strategic deliberations.

Social Research:  THINK began its life as a social research consultancy in 2007. Since then, we have conducted dozens of qualitative and mixed methods studies examining issues as diverse as climate change, mental health and suicide and workplace relations.

Whatever you’re curious about, we will employ interviews, focus groups, online surveys and consultation forums to inform your decision-making.


Stakeholder consultation and engagement:  Community engagement is no longer limited to government. Increasingly, associations, NGOs and charities need to consult and engage their stakeholders, volunteers and staff.

We work with our clients to plan and facilitate forums that are informative, interactive and dynamic. We have facilitated meetings using innovative engagement techniques such as World Cafes and Fishbowl Conversations.


Meeting facilitation:  We use the full range of facilitation techniques, but we also try to gain as much subject matter knowledge before we facilitate a meeting. We learn your issues cold so that we can ‘keep up’ with the participants and keep the discussion moving forward. Importantly, we also know how to bring a discussion to a close that will clinch a decision or map a path forward.